Historical Reproduction Artifacts, Props, and Advice

June 26, 2017

Historical Reproduction Artifacts, Props, and Advice

Tods Stuff makes reproduction items to the highest standards of authenticity and accuracy, well respected throughout the world, but media and museums may have additional requirements.


Tod Media recognises this and works with your organisation to blend the requirements of ‘historical accuracy’ with the requirements of your application. Working in the media and museum industries as well as artefact reproduction since 1993, means we understand your needs fully and how to deliver reliably.


Tod Media batch produce larger runs of items if required, but specialises in handmade items. Handmade objects have a feel and look that is all their own; it cannot be replicated by a machine made piece that has been artworked to improve its realism. One is the real thing and the other is trying to be the real thing.

We are a specialist in making historical items and so will work faster, cheaper and more knowledgeably than prop houses or effects/models companies.
Personally, the making of historical objects is both my job and my absolute passion and this knowledge, combined with my years in the media industries, allows Tod Media to advise you depending on your production needs. Either from a historical point of view trying solely to be accurate to the period or from an Art Directors view, trying to provide a particular ‘feel’ that may be incorrect historically, but correct visually.

Tod Media can also provide in depth advice regarding social history, military and social weaponry, artifact usage and day to day life and has advised authors, film companies, TV production companies, theatres and museums.

As well as a long list of smaller organizations Tod Media has supplied reproduction artifacts to the following:


Royal Shakespeare Company English Heritage Scrapheap Challenge (TV)
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre The National Trust Taboo (TV)
Les Miserables Mary Rose Trust (Museum) Galahad
Cyrano de Bergerac Middle Ages Centre (Norway) Wonder Woman (TV)
  Weald & Downland Museum Fanny Lye Deliver'd
  Plimoth Plantation (Museum, US) Wolf Hall (TV)
  Hampton Court Palace Kitchens Beat the Ancestors (TV)
  The Tower of London Food Factory (TV)
  The Royal Ontario Museum Camelot - Series 2 (TV)
  Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Jack the Giant Killer (Film)
  The Victoria and Albert Museum Weird Warfare (TV Documentary)
  The Royal Armouries (Leeds) Fight Book (TV Documentary)
  CADW Game of Thrones - Series 2 and 3 (TV)
  Scottish Heritage Camelot (TV Mini Series)
    The Real Dambusters (TV Documentary)
    Ironclad (Film)
    Robin Hood (Film)
    Channel idents (BBC)
    T-Mobile - 'Archers' (TV Advert)
    Your Highness (Film)
    Centurion (Film)
    The Other Boleyn Girl
    The Tudors (US/UK TV)
    Colonial House (US TV)
    The Weapons that Made Britain (TV)
    Alexander (Film)
    Game of Thrones (TV)
    Snow White and the Huntsman
    None of the Above
    Breaking Magic
    Secrets of the Terracotta Army

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