Here are a few of the thank you mails and comments Tods Stuff has received; reproduced here just as they came in...

My two favourites first...

~Holy Crap that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! How much and when can I get my hands on them???????
Would travel to pick them up

- Phil

Hi Tod!
The knife is amazing, I am very impressed by you endowment and your statecraft!!!!

- Aurore Duchene

Hi Todd
Got it today bloody fantastic .
Thankyou very much from a happy man. Best regards Dave

Hi Leo,
Just received the Bollock set in the mail and I am blown away.
You have done an amazing job and I am thrilled.

- Peter Cowan

I just unpacked it. It looks awsome! (((:


Hi Tod
had my parcel today, excellent service and the items are superb as usual.
Many thanks


Hi Tod!!!
The dagger arrived today! Thank you so much! It is beautiful and Axel has already been wearing it all evening! You are a real master!
Best regards

WONDEFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is just superb ;=)
Many people look at it and were very impressed (and jealous!).
Christophe D.

Hi Tod,
they are looking great. Many thanks that you were working so fast. I like to recommend you to my friends.
Kind regards,

tod i've had loads of good comments on the sword i can't wait to show it off on an event.

  Item arrived today, feels great in the hand and has that quality handmade feel. Can't wait to buy from you again, your work is absolutely superb!
  Kind regards

Followed by...

Hi there,
          Just a quick email to say that I'm still impressed with this knife, I've had the opportunity to use it several times when working etc and it feels and works great! Kind regards, Jamie

Hi Tod,
  They've arrived safe and sound, and they're bloody fantastic!!! Excellent craftsmanship and a perfect reproduction of my ideas...
Thanks so much for all your help, it's very much appreciated! No doubt I'll be after something else in the not too distant future.
  Kind regards,

I got the dagger and belt today. Both were exactly what I wanted. The level of detail in materials and workmanship are incredable but the proportions of the dagger especially are fantastic.
It is elegant and utilitarian like the few originals I have been able to see. Very proud to own both items. Thank you

  Received the knives today, they are fabulous!  Thanks!  Love them!

Hi Tod, 
Got the scabbard from the postman about ten minutes ago and I have to say that I am absolutely in awestruck.
  It is not everyday that I see quality like this.  I had no idea that the harness would have leather so thick, most places would have given you something akin to suede, but this is some real tough stuff!  I can see that it is going to give me many years of service as well as the generations to follow.  This was an investment worth having made and I could not have found a better person to have made it.  Thank you so much.  I will  be returning for more business. Thanks again Brandon

Hello Tod,
The knife arrived. A very beautiful work. 
I am very content. Thank you.
Wolf Zerkowski

I'm extremely pleased with both scabbard and baldric!!! 
They're both beautiful pieces and I can't thank you enough! I won't hesitate to recommend you to my re-enactor friends.

Just wanted to say thank you for the quillon dagger and eating knife. They arrived safely yesterday and I could not be more pleased. Thanks again 

I received my order on Friday afternoon so I'm now the proud owner of some wonderfully crafted items. I may have been little vague with my description of the Quillon Dagger however the dagger I have received exceeded my expectations.
In my hand it feels like I've owned the knife for years. What a craftsman.

I am absolutley as pleased as a guy could be with your work!!! I own knives and daggers from many makers and manufacurers, and yours is equal to the best I own. The sheath is the best one I have ever seen. I will be looking to own some more of your work
Many thanks
Phil Melhop

I have received the dagger this morning. No problem. It is really nice and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much. Maybe to another order...
Best regards
Jean-Pierre Frette

Thank you very much for the knife that arrived today with many thanks! The craftsmanship i excellent as expected and will provide many years of use in the field, not a cheap factory copy but the real deal!
Thanks again!
Andy Charnell

i just received my seax knife. i am michael katz in virginia, usa. it came very quickly and is a wonderful knife and sheath. i just wanted to thank you.

I recieved the seax yesterday and would like to thank you for a fantastic job , it will take pride of place in my collection .
Many thanks


just got the dagger. Wonderful piece of work! Thanks for that. I just stopped the bleeding on my finger. ;-)
Best regards and until next time!

I wanted to let you know that I just received my dagger today! It was in beautiful shape - it is truly a work of art and a fearsome weapon. Your workmanship was certainly worth the wait and the money. Thank you so much for producing it for me! -Paul

Hi Tod Its just arrived! Looks fantastic! and feels great, im really pleased with it, it was well worth the wait! thank you very much for making it for me!
Thanks once again

hi Tod, the knife has just arrived. It's absolutely magnificent :-) I'm a very happy customer indeed. Now I'll just have to cope with being the focal point of rampant envy, but I think I can handle that ;-)
Freya :-D

I just wanted to advise you that my bone handled knife an skewer set arrived in good order today. I have been collecting edged weapons for the past thirty-five years and using them in reenactment for the past thirty. And in those years I have seldom found another piece of kit that was as equally well made and fairly priced as your wares.
Thanks for making your craftsmanship available and I will be a repeat customer.
James Pratt.

Hi Tod, Just to say that the Rondel Dagger has turned up & i'm extremely happy with it! I didn't realise from the photo that it was a triangular section blade - it's a beautiful piece of work & more than a little scary!
Thanks again,
Simon Clegg

Hi Tod
Just a note to say that the knife, pricker and spoon set arrived last week and its fabulous - I'm really pleased with it. I shall wear it and use it with great pleasure!
Thanks again

The dirk arrived in the mail today. I'm very, very happy with it. It looks great. The sheath is beautiful in its own right.

Hello Tod.
I thought I would drop a quick line just to thank you again for the Roman scabbard now that I've had it for a few days. It is very impressive.

Hi Tod, Just want to say that the knife arrived this morning-and was with the customer two hours later! The customer (and us) want to thank you for a lovely piece of work, that was created & delivered in a unfeasibly short amount of time. We shall certainly use your services in the future. 
Again, many thanks & Kind Regards
Gini & Tony

hello Tod
Just to let you know that the parcel arrived on thursday, and we are really delighted with the quality of the goods. They will be an excellent addition to our display. Many thanks indeed, and hope to do more business with you in future,
best wishes,
Rachel George

Got the scabbard today Tod - excellent work!

The ballock arrived in good order in today's post. It was indeed well worth the wait.
Please be assured that I will be a repeat customer.
James Pratt.

Hi Tod
Its just arrived! Looks fantastic! and feels great, im really pleased with it, it was well worth the wait! thank you very much for making it for me!>br /> Thanks once again

Hi Tod, blade arrived safe and sound, and it is fab, just right to complete my set, cuts the fine lines perfectly, nice work as always.
Will of course continue to plug your work whenever I can.

Hi Tod, fetched the dagger from the post office today. I must say I'm really delighted.
Another great piece of work is the scabbard with the chape, fitting so well with the weapon in colour and simplicity. Tod, I thank you for this piece of your work.

Hi Tod,
Got the scabbard now! It is a work of beauty!! Thank you very much for doing this for me, the product is absolutely amazing.
Best wishes
Andreas Wenzel

Dear Tod,
I will certainly not hesitate to recommend you both for quality and customer service should anyone ask my advice.
Best Regards,

Hi Tod, I saw on Tuesday - two more of my group purchsed daggers - quality speaks for itself ;)

Hi Tod
I just wanted to say thank you very much for the knife. It is absolutely fantastic and my husband will love it when he is given it on the 24th.
Thank you and thank you for the prompt posting.

Got the quillon dagger on Friday, its a cracker, thank you so much, its a real talent you have!
Stuart Perry

Hi Tod, Our company historian has just seen the daggers you sent earlier……..he was very impressed indeed with the quality and authenticity. Happy New Year. 
Tim Le Coq

Hi Tod
Arrived today and many thanks. They really are very nice and well worth the price. Nice range of sizes, well balanced, very sturdy and they cut beautifully. The case is extremely well made by the way.
Kind Regards
Daniel Parry

Tod Picked up the eating set today. All I can say is stunning! They look even better in the flesh
Thank you
David Evans

Thanks Tod,
Got the dagger, excellent work,
Dave Oakes

The dagger arrived safely and it was a definite success – I think it's great but more importantly Naoise loved it. Happy new year,
David Orton

Hello Tod,
thanks for getting back to me, your attitude to customer service is admirable. Finally could I have your address again, in my attempts to hide my package from my wife I threw away all evidence. Thanks for your help.
Jorge Kelman

hi tod,postman has just been,thank you for a beautiful work of art.Kit St.John


Dear Tod, just to let you know the goblet has arrived and I am delighted with it. Thank you for all your hard work. Best wishes 
Linda Robinson

Hello ! The knife is absolutely goergeus!! I will treasure it forever. Sir ,thank you very much for your time and effort on making these items for me! and for having the talent and ability to do so,that is very special and important for me. Yours truly-Luis Hernandez-

Hi Tod,
Last friday the rondell arrived. It isa marvellous piece of craftmanship and I am very happy with it. Every day I have to look at it and see how beautiful it is made. greetings and many thanks,
marijn van der gaag

Hi Tod, The knife arrived this morning. It's a magnificent piece of work, with which I am well chuffed, and well worth the wait! Many thanks, Mike Roberts

Dear Sir I recieved the misericirdia this morning, its truly excellent, exactly what ia asked for. Well done Mr Todeschini, I am very pleased indeed.
Many thanks Nicholas Wilson

Hi Tod, 
Sets were recieved quickly and they are fantastic. 
Look forward to doing business again some time.
Phil Whyman

Hi Tod,
i recevied the 2 ballog deggers today... they are marvelous!
I can't wait to carry the degger around :)
thx for a magnificent pice of work

Hello Tod,
I am really impressed by your work and I am more than satisfied. It looks awesome and fits perfectly ! It probably wasn't an easy task since you hadn't the dagger with you. Many thanks again.
Rémi Bebin

Hi Tod!
Thanx for your delivary! Both, eatingset and dagger are very very nice! Thank you!
Andreas Volborn

Dear Tod:
Dagger arrived safely this morning, thank you very much for your workmanship and prompt delivery. It looks great and will cut a dash at Burghley House on Monday.
Many Thanks
Brett Walwyn

Absolutely gorgeous!
Thanks Tod.
Best wishes, Mike Roberts

Hello Tod,
The parcel arrived today and the Messer is really perfect. Thank you verry much. Best regards
Happy Raphael

Hi Tod
The belt arrived today, it's fantastic! Just what I was after and the chape looks real good also.
Thanks muchly, Best regards
Stuart Quayle

Hi Tod
Just to confirm that I've received the case and am delighted with it. 
Thanks for the quick delivery. Cheers
Steve Evans

Hello Tod and company:

I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that the Wallace 479 reproduction with highly decorated scabbard has arrived safely here in Jupiter, Florida, USA, in perfect condition. Thank you very much for the prompt, secure shipping.

I was not prepared for how incredibly balanced this blade is, how surprisingly close the point of balance is to the hilt, and how unbelievably light, fast and agile this sword is. I expected it to be a heavy sword, with a more forward blade presence.  Instead, it is amazingly lively in the hand. Pointability and control is absolutely excellent. The sword's handling characteristics easily surpass those of many of my dedicated single-handed swords. I am well beyond impressed.  
Of course, it goes without saying that all of the detailed metalwork on the hilt is fantastic. The pommel is stunning. The grip is a perfect size, ideally contoured for either one- or two-handed use, and is very comfortable, with excellent leather work. 
The blade is wonderfully tempered and rings out beautifully. Rigidity is excellent as well, and the beefy tip looks to be seriously durable for thrusting purposes.  The sword is not particularly sharp, but I hesitate to sharpen it further, so I will likely not attempt cutting any soft targets with it. This is unfortunate, because your Wallace 479 recreation is instantly one of my favorite and best-handling swords in my collection, which speaks volumes. You've done an incredible job of turning a piecemeal museum display piece into a fully-functional and quite superior fighting weapon with truly desirable handling characteristics. The scabbard is also a fantastic and beautifully executed piece of workmanship. 
Thank you again for selling to me this exemplary piece of impressive craftsmanship and endless source of historical fascination. I am proud and honored to own it. MS May 2024