Professional services

Tod has provided professional, historical and engineering services for the TV, Film, Theatre and Museum industries for over 25 years.

Recent projects include Outlaw King, Witcher and The King. 

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Both history and making objects have been Tod’s passions from birth (as far as we can tell). Combine this with 25 years of media experience of museums, interactives, displays, live events, film, theatre, and TV, and this provides a breadth of perspective that is unique in the industry.

Whether it is making prop knives or leatherwork like in Taboo and Game of Thrones, teaching actors to shoot properly like the principles in Wolf Hall or filling great halls with authentic weaponry and dressing like at Dover Castle; we can help make your production look great and be right.

We can be engaged from initial consultancy and design, through to final production and installation or at any stage in between.


Tod provides advice, guidance and artefacts for historical projects, whether TV, film or museum.

For 25 years Tod has designed and built machines and vehicles for the TV industry, demonstrated science and engineering principles, run build crews behind camera and appeared in front of camera.  Tod has developed shows and consulted in the edit and every aspect in between the two.

As one of the Engineering Consultants on the ultimate build show of all time, Scrapheap Challenge, as well as many others, he will be able to advise and assist you.  Whether it is about burning a peanut in oxygen or fitting a jet engine into a motor boat, Tod can help.

100,000 Amp electric cannon

Electric high acceleration launch system for testing the fragility of thin mirrors being shot into space. Made for Objective Productions for the TV series 'Ways to save the Planet'.

Car to snowmobile

Snowmobile was made from assorted donor vehicles and a custom chassis car for Maverick Productions for the TV show 'Engine Addict'.

Swamp racer for Scrapheap Challenge.

Engine Addict trailer

BTA trailer

Scrapheap darts with Tod