Swiss Sabre/saber - Wallace Collection A489

This Swiss Sabre/Saber is a very accurate reproduction of the outstanding 1530's sword  attributed to Itelhans Thumysen held at the Wallace Collection here.

This sword has amazing presence, both visually and in the hand(s) and with a 40"/101cm blade it backs it up with its dimensions.

The sword was handled and measured for this reproduction and the unique characteristics of the piece have been replicated so the blade starts at 3/8"/9.5mm thick at the guard and tapers over the first 6"/150mm  down to a little under 1/4"/6mm.

The bars that make up the guard are also complex in that they all have different dimensions and again this has been replicated.

Overall weight is 1530g

The making of this piece is documented in this thread 


please note this is for sword only. Scabbard to be ordered separately in scabbards


Collections: Medieval replica swords

Category: 16th, longsword, Scabbard, Sword

Type: Sword

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