Burgundian rondel dagger Rothenburg collection

This medieval rondel dagger is a very accurate copy of one in The Rothenberg Collection in Germany and is a complete tank of a dagger - do not think because it is pretty, it is flimsy!
The blade is a heavy hollow ground double edged style with the point being left reinforced and is 23x12mm (7/8"x1/2") at the hilt and is 33cm/13" long.
The hilt is bronze which has been silver and gold plated to give a two tone effect with inscriptions around both rondel.  (Also available in Bronze see the drop down menu)
The sheath is constructed to have a cup to house the lower rondel and has a bronze/gold hanging fitting at the top and a bronze/gold chape on the tip.
Blade length 33cm/13"
Grip Length 10cm/4"
Overall length 48cm/19"
This version is shown in gold and silver plate but is also available in polished bronze.  Scabbard only available in black 

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