Medieval Z - sword scabbard - Triangular rain flap

Approximately 1200-1350

Wood cored medieval sword scabbard covered in veg tan leather with a veg tan integrated belt harness fitted with a bronze chape and rounded or triangular rain flap.  This medieval sword scabbard was made for and Albion sword.

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Important - Read before ordering

  • We have a number of Albion swords in our workshop. If you have a sword on our Albion Swords List, we can make you a scabbard using our sword.  If you have any other sword you will need to send your sword to us before we can make you a scabbard. Please send your sword to the address on our contact page after you have placed your order.
  • Lead time - All products are made to order. The average lead time is 2 months from when we receive your sword.

Collections: Sword scabbards

Category: 1200, 1350, Scabbard, Viking, Z Belt

Type: Scabbard

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