Late 15thC Nuremberg Rondel - IN STOCK

This Late 15thC magnificent and massive rondel is based on one in the Germanisches National Museum, Nuremberg, Germany. It is a statement in all ways. It is big, flashy, it is expensive, complicated and it is utterly brutal!

Clearly a Knights rondel as the grip would easily accommodate a gauntlet and the blade is powerful enough to prize the turret off of a tank. All bronze construction with bronze fretwork panels, red leather spacers behind and the scabbard is in poplar covered in natural leather with a bronze chape and suspended from red silk ribbon

It would be impossible to not notice you wearing this. 

Blade length 32cm/12.5"

Grip 11cm/4.25"

Total length 47cm/18.5"

One available to buy and be shipped immediately. If this is sold please go here to order a Tods Workshop dagger 

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