14th and 15thC Medieval longsword scabbard - Vertical riding style

Approximately 1400-1480

Wood cored medieval sword scabbard covered in veg tan leather with a veg tan belt harness with period appropriate fittings.  The medieval sword scabbard is fitted with steel hangers and chape.  This sword scabbard was made for an Albion sword.

Can be fitted with component parts (a compilation of buckles and hangers) or dedicated hanger longsword hanger set as shown on this scabbard.

Longswords were often worn in a more vertical style that is more suited to riding, but requires the wearer to position the sword with one hand whilst walking.  Often shown with a central rib.

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  • I only make scabbards for my own and Albion swords, please check if your sword is on this list before ordering and let us know in the notes. Albion Swords List
  • Lead time - All products are made to order. The average lead time is 2 months from when we receive your order.
  • Due to the size of the scabbards for the Albion Archduke, Maximilian Landsknecht and Principe, there will be an additional charge of £50 per scabbard which will be collected upon completion. 

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