10th 11thC Crossbow

Simple early medieval crossbow styled after the Colletiere a Charavines crossbow. This was most likely a hunting crossbow and features a notch that holds the string and a lever to push it out and shoot.  If military crossbows existed at this time they may have been similar to this, but more likely similar to the Roman Arcubalista.   

Almost exactly this pattern of crossbow was used in sub-Saharan Africa, Scandinavia and North America into the 19thC.

You can see this medieval crossbow being shot here:

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  • This bow is hand spanned
  • Fruit wood or ash stock
  • Box wood trigger
  • Hemp lashing
  • Waxed linen string
  • Ash or Yew bow
  • Range 110-180Yds/ 100-170m


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Type: Crossbow

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