About Tod Todeschini


Tod Todeschini with his Tods Workshop Medieval Crossbows

Tod loves making anything and everything and has done since forever, but his real passions are history and creative engineering. This has lead to two very different careers that occasionally cross over and combine.

He has a passionate interest in the artefacts of our past, particularly the industrial and military and this has lead him to recreate all manner of objects and weaponry with an aim to them looking and working now, just as they looked and worked then.

Tod has intense pride in his work and strives to get it right, he looks carefully at original pieces and simply copies what he sees.   He may make exact copies, or combine elements of pieces, to create something new, but which would have fitted in perfectly. This philosophy extends to the appearance, construction, design and decoration of his pieces. They will not be perfect, they never were, but they will be right.

Tods other passion is building machines that do something fun, interesting, dramatic, or just plain stupid; this comes from spending 25 years working in Special Effects. Little makes him happier than being asked to strip an engine out of a jet fighter and fit it in a motor boat or to make an air cannon to shoot bouncing bombs. He does this mainly for TV shows and sometimes for fun.

He lives in Oxfordshire (UK), with a fantastic wife and 3 fantastic daughters, in a house they built.