Steel Stiletto Dagger 16-17th Century - Stibbert Museum IN STOCK

Stibbert Museum Renaissance stiletto 16th-18thC - All steel stilettos were the Renaissance bad boys weapon of choice, especially if you were a little upperclass and Italian or Spanish, but they were still common across most of Europe from the late 16thC to the start of the 18thC. This example would be good from 1590-1670.

This example is a composite from the Stibbert Museum in Florence and like all these daggers, it is small, elegant, handy, vicious and made entirely of steel. Grip and guard in mild steel, blade in spring steel.

Comes with a double layer veg tan leather sheath with a fabricated steel chape.

Blade length 19cm/7.5”
Grip length (whole handle) 8cm/3.25”
Overall length 29cm/11.5”

There is One of these daggers available to buy and be shipped immediately. 

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