The Oxford Sword Scabbard

Based on an effigy found in an Oxfordshire Village Church and dating from around 1400 although the hanger style seems more 16-17th Century to me. Worn vertically and suspended by a main belt with a smaller one to hold it high and in place on your armour. 

This vertical style of hanging is often found on effigies and also used as a riding scabbard.

See how it should be worn in the gallery. 

Dyed and polished vegtan over a wooden core. Chape and buckles are bronze, rivets and strap end are brass. 

Pictured here with an Albion Crecy sword (not for sale). Please state which sword you are ordering for in the notes.

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  • I only make scabbards for my own and Albion swords, please check if your sword is on this list before ordering and let us know in the notes. Albion Swords
  • Lead time - All products are made to order. The average lead time is 2 months from when we receive your order.
  • Due to the size of the scabbards for the Albion Archduke, Maximilian Landsknecht and Principe, there will be an additional charge of £50 per scabbard which will be collected upon completion. 

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