Late 15th Flanged Met Museum mace - Lead time 6 months

The archetypal Knights Mace from the late C15th. This example, probably French, and reproduced from one in the Met Museum. It’s not the fanciest of this mace type, but it is small and fast enough to be a very effective weapon and detailed enough to be pretty. This reproduction has a hardened and tempered solid spring steel shaft, as per the original, a hexagonal collar that stops the rotation of the head, similarly there is a top collar holding it in position and the top spike screws down to lock it all in place. As far as I can see, this is how the original was constructed. The mace head itself is cast steel, not fabricated, but is moulded from a fabricated piece, making it very difficult to tell. The spring steel shaft ends in a cord wrapped leather grip and a small finial with a lanyard hole.

21 inches/54cm overall length. 

Please request colour for the grip (red, brown, black) in the notes when you order and please allow 6 months for delivery. 

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