15thC Munition Crossbow - lashed

This medieval crossbow is typical of many 15thC munition quality war crossbows so it is plain and rather blocky. Bow irons came in around 1400 though lashing was also still used, and the bow can be supplied either with irons or lashing.

The crossbow can be supplied from 170lbs to 500lbs and dependent on draw weight, can be spanned by hand, belt, doubler belt or goats foot lever.

A similar medieval crossbow can be seen here:

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  • Ash stock with socket reinforcing pin and steel side plates and stirrup
  • Steel nut and trigger with spring return
  • Hemp lashing or steel irons
  • Waxed linen string
  • Range around 100m/110yds (170lbs), 200m/215yds (300lbs)

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