Mid Late 15thC German Steel Rondel with awl - SOLD *

Based on many existing examples; this type of all steel German rondel dagger is very typical of the time and very popular with the Landsknechts.  Small and handy and perfect for a brawl - just their kind of dagger. The top rondel disc unscrews to reveal an awl. Although this seems like a gimmick it is genuinely based on a medieval example sold through an auction house in Germany 

Strong diamond section blade with 21cm/8.25" blade and comes with a very sculpted, leather sheath that cups the bottom rondel and a bronze chape.


Grip length – 10.5cm/4"
Blade length – 21cm/8.25"
Overall length – 32cm/13"

One available to buy and be shipped immediately. if this is sold please go here to order a Tods Workshop dagger https://todsworkshop.com/collections/historical-daggers 

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