13th Century Quillon Dagger - SOLD

13th Century Quillon Dagger

This medieval quillon dagger is based on a 13thC piece from The Royal Armouries at Leeds. This style of dagger was really the first follow on from the old style seax that the owners grandfather would have used and so was the height of fashion for professional military men. Perfect for a knight, warrior monk or man at arms.

The dagger has steel guard and pommel, cord wrapped leather grip and incised, stamped and decorated veg tan leather sheath with fabricated brass chape.

Note: As with most medieval dagger grips, it is small because the hand is intended to spread over the pommel.

Total length 34.8cm, 13.75 inches

Blade length 22.5cm, 8.75 inches

Grip length 8cm, 3.25"

One available to buy and ship now. 


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