Late 15th Medieval High status serving set

A stunning and heavily decorated set of medieval late 15thC serving knives in steel, bronze, horn and bone and fitted in to a carved and lidded leather case.

The 3 knives have steel blades brazed into the the bronze handles which have bone and horn panels inset and the whole is finished with a sculpted bronze lion. The knives are a carving knife, tart knife and a meat knife.

The case is fabricated from layers of veg tan leather and carved on every surface with some simple geometric patterns and large amounts of floral and vine type motifs.  The tip of the scabbard features a scene of 'homicidal bunnies' where two rabbits are clubbing and stabbing a man to death; taken from original artwork.

Carving blade. 29cm/11.5"

Tart knife. 32cm/12.5"

Meat blade. 27cm/10.5"

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