English or Italian Baselard with horn grip SOLD

This medieval baselard dagger is based on typical daggers you see on effigies and artwork from Italy. The blade and proportions are based on the X297 from The Royal Armouries.  Although this example has upward and downward sweeping guards which seem very typical of many Italian examples.

This method of construction was very typical of Italian and English styles of this dagger from 1400, quite different to the Swiss/German style. Long and slender and suitable for either a civilian or soldier.

Double sided with a 36cm blade with a single fuller and comes with a decorated red leather sheath and bronze chape. Scales are horn.


Grip length – 10.5 cm/4.25"
Blade length – 36cm/14.5"
Overall length – 50cm/19.75"
Blade thickness at hilt – 6mm

One available to ship now

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