Dura Europa Dagger - SOLD

Unexpectedly available. Based on an excavated dagger example from Dura Europa. This form of scabbard was common to 3rdC and 4thC of the Roman Empire and consisted of a bronze front plate and leather liner with a curious shaped single edged blade.

Interestingly the plate and tang button are very similar to those found on Migration Era seaxs a few centuries later and also worn horizontally. 

Vegtan and wood sheath with bronze caging. Oak from wooden wharf pilings from the River Thames

Single sided with a 20.5cm blade


Grip length – 11cm/4.25"
Blade length – 20.5cm/8"
Overall length – 32cm/13"

One available to buy and be shipped immediately. if this is sold please go here to order a Tods Workshop dagger https://todsworkshop.com/collections/historical-daggers 

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