Late 15thC German Rothenburg bollock dagger St George Pommel Red scabbard IN STOCK

This high status medieval 15thC bollock dagger is based on a museum example from the Rothenberg Collection.  A strong and finely detailed piece with a unique guard and pommel. This particular example differs from the original in that it has a 'St George and the dragon' carving on the cap - a high status dagger.

This particular dagger has a strong, hollow ground blade with a reinforced tip housed in a red veg tan leather sheath with bronze chape.


Grip length – 9cm/3.5"
Blade length – 30cm/12"
Overall length – 44cm/17.25"
Blade thickness at hilt – 8mm
Handle components – Bronze/Hawthorn dyed black

Just one of these is available now. To order a version available in 12 months please go here;

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