14thC English Rondel with copper and ebony dagger SOLD

This rondel is based on a river find in England in the mid to late 14thC and it has a front disc but a more standard but decorative, fluted bronze pommel at the rear. 

The discs and pommel are based on a Thames find, the grip is carved ebony with copper studs, the hilt fittings are bronze and the single edged blade is very robust with double fullers.

Comes with a double layer black veg tan sheath with simple incised decoration and a bronze chape, suspended from a hemp cord.

Blade length: 29.5cm/11.75"

grip length:    10cm/4"

overall length:  41cm/16"

Tods Workshop

Collections: Medieval Museum quality weapons

Category: 14thC, dagger, rondel

Type: Dagger

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