Burgundian rondel dagger - high status

This medieval rondel dagger is closely based on a piece in the Rothenburg Collection in Germany and dated around 1450, though I would put it a little later.

A stunning medieval dagger of very high status and imposing form.  There is nothing subtle about this dagger at all; if your last moments are looking down the tip of the dagger, there is no question that the man holding it is a better man than you.

The grip is made from a number of cast bronze elements which are gold and silver plated and fitted up to a very strong, very aggressively hollow ground double edged blade.  The hollow grinding stops around 40mm/1.5" from the tip, making for a very strong point.

The sheath is constructed from two layers of veg tan leather with a formed and lined cup and the dagger is suspended from a decorative ring at the throat.

Inscription reads ME FIE AN TOI    ESPOIR EN DIEU    "in you I trust - in God I believe

Blade length 33cm/13"

Overall length 48cm/19"

Grip length 10cm/4"



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