Brass hilted 18thC Scottish Dirk

A classic Scottish Dirk dagger based on pieces from the early 18thC.

This favourite weapon of highland warriors is substantially made with a hollow cast brass grip and a 6mm/1/4" thick spring steel blade with sharpened false edge and fuller.  The blade itself is long like the original at 38cm/15" and the grip is short like originals at 65mm/2.5".

The length of the grip means that your fist closes over the haunches just below the grip making for a very positive edge feel.

Comes with a veg tan leather sheath with bronze chape and incised decoration.

Blade length 38cm/15"

Grip length 65mm/2.5"

Overall length 49cm/19.5"


Category: 17th, dagger, Dirk

Type: Dagger