Falchion, scabbard and quiver SOLD

Sword scabbards with attached quivers were a real piece of medieval equipment and so I have recreated one here; partly because they look cool as hell and partly because I wanted to discover how they worked and what they may have been for.

The falchion is a mid to late 14thC uncompromising chopper, with a severe distal taper, taking the blade from 6mm down to 2.9mm at the peak, with a strong apple seed edge and razor sharp all the way.  

The sword is made from CS70, the hilt fittings in mild, with an ash grip and leather wrap.  The scabbard is poplar with leather over, bronze chape, leather belt with copper and bronze fittings.  The quiver is ash with leather covering and all cordage is hemp.

Overall weight 1100g/2.4lbs
Blade length 71cm/28"
Width at hilt 46mm
Width at 'peak' 76mm
Thickness at hilt 6mm
Thickness at 'peak' 2.9mm
CoG 100mm from guard
CoP around 50cm/19" from guard

Belt will suit 36"-48" or 90cm-122cm

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